October Ember explores the light and dark. Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, their music is a cross-pollination of dreamy indie lounge, folk-rock, and throwback jazz.

While they strive to focus on the light, the duality of existence necessitates an understanding of darkness in kind. They explore themes of eros and zen, as well as mental illness and mortality.

Travelers and explorers, October Ember hopes to add a thread to the tapestry of the human condition by sharing their joy and pain, and communing with the world through sound and song.

Jennifer Dutiel and Kevin Holland are a multi-instrumentalist couple with a penchant for the quirky and the beautiful.

October Ember is:
Jennifer Dutiel – vox, ukulele, keys, percussion, misc.
Kevin Holland – guitar, ukulele, percussion, engineering, misc.

Follow us at facebook.com/octoberember .