Better All Alone – The Light and the Dark

We’re complex creatures, made of light and dark, tangles and baggage, as we climb toward the best version of ourselves we can become. We who make up October Ember have been together for nearly 20 years. We’re grateful for the love we deeply feel, the admiration for each other, the wanting to spend as much time as possible with one another in the face of mortality. We have tended our garden as best we could, both in regards to each other and to ourselves as a unit.

Nevertheless, human beings are complicated, and relationships are too. We don’t realize the harm we inflict on each other, even as we try to be strong and insulated. We don’t realize the contagious nature of the darkness, or how pervasive it can be, even in the face of supportive words and deeds. That darkness has the potential to flood the soil and uproot even the most tenacious and hardy of flora, as this song acknowledges and explores.

We thank you for listening and supporting us.


October Ember

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